Founder Network

We believe that whilst there are generally recognised good practice approaches to starting, growing and exiting a software or services business, no one person possesses the exclusive set of 'right' answers to how this is done. What works for some businesses will not work for others - most often due to differing personalities and aspirations of its founders, the history and background of the business and its people or the specifics of its proposition or market.

We believe that the entrepreneurs we invest in and advise deserve the benefit of having access to multiple peer level contributions and networks rather than be limited to the one set of experiences and contacts that often comes with a single angel investor, non-executive advisor or VC board representative.

The sum of these parts can be co-ordinated and harnessed by any Capitalise partner and exploited by our investee and advisory clients to help them make the most informed decisions, take the most relevant course of action and create the most compelling series of options for business growth.

Capitalise is bringing together the UK's largest pool of information technology industry entrepreneurs and executives to provide our clients with access to an investment, expertise and knowledge capability that can be called upon at any time through a combination of regular reviews, a community communication tool and periodic networking and workshop events.

If you have founded a software or information technology services business and are either still actively involved or have exited or you have previously held a managing director, chairman or non-executive director position within the software and services sector and would like to know more about becoming a member of this network then please email