Throughout the life of any software or technology services business a founding team will be called upon to do things that they have either never done before or (maybe even more difficult) do something in a different way to how they have done it in the past.

Most founding teams do not have the benefit of having experienced the variety of permutations of business strategy or organisational evolution that exist and have not seen first-hand the outcome of different approaches to the same underlying challenge. Fewer still have the time or resource to experiment with new ways of working that they are not familiar with.

Whilst an entrepreneur will find credible external sources of knowledge to help them recognise and face up to some of the challenges they will confront on their journey, there are always three factors that determine the effectiveness of putting into practice something that is simply picked up over dinner, read in a book or heard at a seminar:

  • confidence   - is this something that comes naturally to the management involved
  • relevance     - is this the right thing for your business and your culture at that time
  • dependence - what else is the business doing or not doing that will affect the outcome

The challenge for most founders is that even where they instinctively know that something needs to change or action needs to be taken, they can often either be too close to the detail of the business or personalities involved or simply just not have enough time in the working week to be able to stand back and assess exactly what is best for the business.

They may even think or know that it is they themselves that need to change - the hardest thing to do without someone supporting them in that process.

The Capitalise team brings to our advisory clients a unique combination of perspectives at the different stages of growth of any software or services business and offers both advisory and execution support.

Having individually experienced a range of common business growth and maturity challenges during our respective corporate executive and start-up founder backgrounds we have brought these experiences together into a consolidated and shared set of insights and views across a variety of business management practices.

Whether your organisation is looking for support in its strategy or proposition development; looking to introduce a more repeatable business development capability; wanting to put in place more robust delivery or financial management processes: the Capitalise team will help you accelerate such initiatives by introducing an individual with insight, proven practices or third party experts that are most relevant to your business and culture.

Whether it is appropriate to drive, monitor or mentor - we are comfortable in playing a management support role that works best for you and your team.