We take a metaphorical 'leaf out of our kindle' on this one and continue to follow the same advice that was behind the early successes of our founding team and behind most successful businesses we have known ever since; namely - know your market and your unique value.

After multiple years of building software and services businesses and figuring out what works and what doesn't, we believe that we know our own capabilities and limitations well enough to know exactly how, where and when we and our network can add most value to any of our investee or advisory clients.

At one level this is about having a solid understanding of general technology adoption and information technology market themes as well as general stakeholder and business management practices.

At another, it's having a breadth of experienced insight into the various outside vs inside, control vs delegation, sales vs delivery, process vs innovation and growth vs profit tensions that form the unique personality of the founding team and ensuing company culture and that will constantly pull the business in different directions on the road to success.

Finally, it's having and maintaining relevant current market and domain knowledge so as to truly understand the evolving business context and most likely influences on the success of our portfolio.

As such, our team and network look to combine their experiences, passion and insights into the dynamics of the following primary software and service markets:

  • SaaS/Enterprise Apps
  • Cloud
  • Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data & Data Management
  • Integration
  • Platform
  • ALM
  • Virtualisation
  • B2B2C
  • Internet Technology
  • Social Media & Media Convergence
  • Mobile

If this sounds like the sort of business leadership, founder experience and focused perspective you would like to call upon then we look forward to hearing from you.