Having founded, invested in, grown and exited a number of technology businesses, Capitalise was borne out of a shared set of experiences and beliefs as to the characteristics of a successful, entrepreneur led, technology business and the key challenges facing founders.

Whereas we all commenced our journeys from different starting points, we found that we had all faced very similar problems and opportunities on the way. The solutions we implemented or the approach to how we each managed them may have been different but this was often attributable to identifiable differences in culture, leadership style or prior managerial experience.

We also found that the external support that contributed to our success came most often from people like ourselves - individuals, not companies, who had gone through at least one iteration of starting a business; individuals who understood the dynamics and personalities in a growing small to medium company, who knew that ‘shit often happened’ and knew not only how to deal with it but then also go on to steer a business through it to successful exit.

Having access to one such experienced individual to call upon when needed was often difficult to ensure, let alone having the luxury of first seeking input or support from multiple people and then reconciling often apparently conflicting views or recommendations!

Capturing the essence of these experiences as a group led us to develop a common perspective of the characteristics of those businesses and its founders that were most predictive of a likely successful growth and exit outcome.

We found there were a number of views that we shared and which together would serve to underpin a more instinctive approach to any investment in someone else’s business and a more positive outcome if we were to ever be asked to contribute to its development:

  • It's not the scale of investment money available - its what you are capable of doing or resist doing with it that really counts
  • Every business will benefit from a periodic dose of strategy but none can succeed without a daily injection of focused execution
  • Always remember what you are good at and be ready to go back to it or start to get good at something else quicker than even you thought possible
  • Revenue growth v profit optimisation - there's a time and a place for both: the hard part is getting everyone to know how to do each and then do so at the right time!
  • Sometimes it’s the person that periodically looks over your garden fence that can best see what is and isnt growing - don't fear external opinion
  • Don't get greedy - money inevitably follows success but it often doesn't work the other way around

And so, the idea of Capitalise was formed..........

What if you could bring together as many of these individuals as possible that shared the same beliefs as you and that had the pre-requisite track record of founding and exiting a technology business?

What if you could combine this with the very best features of the venture capitalist and corporate finance advisory world and so provide new or repeat entrepreneurs with a conduit to harness a collective capital base that reduced their dependency on angels or VCs?

What if in doing so you could also pull together the most qualified set of business growth and exit credentials and access to possibly the largest network of influential contacts?

...and so, being the entrepreneurs that we are, we went ahead and did just that!

Welcome to Capitalise.

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